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A pizza chef manages multiple, simultaneous processes —from dough and ingredient prep to cooking pizza in a pizza or wood-fired oven. A good pizza chef makes excellent pizzas and knows how to teach others to toss dough, assemble pizzas and cook them properly. Some pizza chefs may be responsible for administrative tasks related to kitchen management. They may, for example, be responsible for ensuring that ingredients are stocked before service and communicating with procurement or the head chef to order supplies. Pizza chefs may be responsible for ensuring that food costs yield profitability while providing quality ingredients. They may also be responsible for maintaining industrial kitchen equipment and ensuring food preparation areas meet sanitation standards and local health laws.

Pizza chef duties and skills

Here are some common duties of a pizza chef at The Chubby Cherub:

  • Ensures cooking stations are sanitized and prepped with necessary tools
  • Prepares and stores pizza dough
  • Prepares pizza sauces
  • Orders supplies, maintains inventory, creates budgets to ensure profitable food cost
  • Trains other cooks in the preparation process so all meals are uniform
  • Checks quality of pizzas before they’re served to guests
  • Performs regular maintenance on kitchen equipment
  • Collaborates with staff on menu items
  • Resolves customer complaints with diplomacy
  • Makes sure the kitchen is clean and sanitized

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