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Sous Chef duties and responsibilities

A Sous Chef has different duties and responsibilities at The Chubby Cherub. However, their main role is to ensure that Head Chefs have the utensils and ingredients they need to cook the restaurants’ dishes. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Documenting each morning what the Head Chefs require before they prepare the day’s dishes
  • Cleaning and organising the food preparation area for the Head Chef
  • Delivering the ingredients that the Head Chef needs to prepare to the food preparation area
  • Ensuring the Line and Prep Cooks prepare the dishes according to the Head Chef’s specifications and standards
  • Training new kitchen employees on the restaurant’s standards and regulations
  • Addressing and resolving diners’ and clients’ complaints quickly
  • Monitoring the kitchen area and the staff to ensure sanitation standards are maintained
  • Ensuring all food products to be prepared are not expired

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