Galantino Arcobaleno Ceramic Jar with Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Available to purchase at The Chubby Cherub is a range of Galantino ceramic jars containing Galantino Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Each jug is hand-made by expert artisans in Puglia. Each piece is unique because they are decorated by hand.

Italians take as much care pairing the perfect extra virgin olive oil with their meals as they are selecting the right wine.

Our Galantino Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a medium-fruity flavour with an aftertaste of almond and artichoke. This oil is excellent as a dressing on pasta, mixed salads, vegetables (cooked and raw), legumes and fish, ideal on bruschetta. It is suited for frying too.

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About the manufacturer Frantoio Galantino

The Family Galantino business activity goes back to 1926 when Vito Galantino with great determination and skill bought a mill century and turned it into Oil Mill. Since then, two generations engaged in the milling, to absolute quality levels.

Today Frantoio Galantino procures with olives of their farm and from 2,000 manufacturers entrusted.

The diligent collection of drupes by hand at the right stage of ripeness, the careful selection, washing and crushing with millstones, pressing and cold centrifugation, promote and enhance the taste and fragrance of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The oil, subjected to laboratory control and organoleptic test, is selected and certified by Mastro Oleario. In 1960 the family Galantino bought the farm “La Fenice”, a green olive grove with over 15,000 plants of Ogliarola and Coratina.

The harvest of olives is done with hand picking up towels at the right stage of maturity, from October 15th to December 31st. Product quality is testament to the care that is dedicated to the olive trees and a modern system of monitoring of pest attacks, to limit the use of pesticides.

All this allows to extra virgin olive oil Galantino to possess the best qualities.

In the event of supply difficulties, or with discontinued products, we reserve the right to offer alternative goods or packaging of equal quality and value.

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