Pizza Lovers Hamper


Fill your kitchen with the authentic aroma of your favourite pizzeria with our Chubby Cherub Pizza Hamper. Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions inside to make pizza just the way you like it.

Our hamper includes an authentic pizza dough recipe, a garlic spice blend and luxury sieved tomatoes perfect for topping your pizza.



Our Pizza Lovers hamper has all you need to create our signature Chubby Cherub pizza dough at home.

Comes with:

  • Pizza Napoletana Flour IKG
    “00” type flour with a high protein content able to maintain the gluten structure over a long time. Structured and resistant, it is used to make Neapolitan long maturation dough. It is balanced to favour dough elasticity over strength
  • Antica Napoli Sieved Tomatoes 680g
  • Boschetto Garlic 70g
    Ideal for sauté, fish and vegetables dishes.
  • Caputo Dry Yeast 100g
    Mulino Caputo dry yeast is 100% Italian Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and obtained exclusively from Italian molasses: it has a high fermentative power and is ideal for making soft dough with an incomparable taste.


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