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Pizza Prep Hamper


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Hamper contains

  • Caputo Classica 00 Flour 1kg
    • Flour with a balanced granulometric, easy hydration. For soft doughs that keep lightness and flavour after cooking, perfect for pizza. Contains Gluten.
  • Caputo Dry Yeast 100g
    • Mulino Caputo’s Active Dry Yeast is suitable for all types of dough and leavening, but its happier marriage is that with the Nuvola line flours from the Mill of Naples. The combined action of the pre-ferments of Nuvola and Nuvola Super and the power of Active Dry Yeast gives, as a result, an impalpable, digestible, perfectly chewable dough, ready to melt in your mouth.
  • Garlic Olive Oil 250ml
    • A quick way to add fragrant garlic flavour to your dish this premium Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil is infused with garlic. Use in place of ordinary olive oil to give any recipe a garlicky kick or brush over lightly toasted bread to make crunchy garlic crostini, delicious with soup or antipasti, or on top of your freshly made pizza.
  • Antica Napoli Sieved Tomatoes 680g
    • A smooth passata ready to use on top of your freshly made pizza bases.
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