Piattini Small Plates

£5.40Mixed Olives & Feta

With Olive Oil & Herbs


Sunblush tomato, goats cheese & thick pesto

£5.40Pork Arancini

With balsamic with basil mayo


Mozzarella, tomato, olive oil & pesto

£5.40Chubby Chilli Hummus

With crostini & pickled carrot

£5.40Funghi Piemontese

Mixed mushrooms in garlic and parsley butter with parmesan shavings

£5.40Piccolo Balls

Mini meatballs with passata & parmesan shavings

£5.40Piccolo Dough Balls

Sunblush tomato tapenade, thick pesto & parmesan shavings

Antipasti Starters

£6.95Minestrone Soup

Homemade Italian Soup with sourdough bread

£6.95Oven Baked Tear & Share Breads

Served with a selection of oils & tapenade

£7.95Bruschetta Funghi al Parma

Parma ham, wild mushroom, truffle & chive mayo

£7.90Grilled Goats Cheese Crostini

Caramelized red onion, pancetta, rocket & balsamic reduction

£7.90Garlic Prawn Bruschetta

Tomato, basil, fresh chilli & wild rocket

£8.95Strangford Mussels

With garlic crostini and a white wine, herb & cream sauce

£7.20Classic Italian Bruschettas

Diced tomato, basil, garlic onion & fresh herbs

£6.90Classic Cheese & Garlic Crostini

Cheese, garlic butter & fresh herbs

£19.50Sharing Platter

Serves two. Homemade bread, oils, stuffed peppers, olives, tapenades & cured meats

Secondi Main-courses

£14.50Mama’s Salad

Torn devils chicken, sweet peppers, olives, sun dried tomato & chilli oil

£13.50Chicken Caesar Salad

Sun dried tomato, olive, crouton, pancetta & parmesan shavings


Layers of pasta, bolognese & sauce with our Chubby Cherub slaw, made with beetroot, carrot & celeriac

£17.90Pesca Tradizionale

Butter braised sea bass with cannelloni beans, cherry tomatoes, capers, pickled shallot, roasted peppers & grilled potato


Layers of pasta, bolognese & sauce with our Chubby Cherub slaw, made with beetroot, carrot & celeriac

£14.50Herb Gnocchi

Peas, wild mushroom, carrot, truffle cream & parmesan

£16.90Tuscan Beef

With wild mushroom, rosemary focaccia & pecorino cheese.
Served with Parpedelle or Large Rigatoni

£13.50Mushroom Risotto

Garden pea, truffle oil & parmesan

£14.90Chorizo Risotto

With sun-blush tomato & peas

£12.90Classic Carbonara

Made traditionally with egg, parmesan and pancetta
Add Chicken for £3.00

£17.90Smoked Salmon Tagliatelle

With peas, dill, carrot, courgette & garlic white wine cream

£16.95Filetto di Maiale

Pork, gnocchi, pea, carrot, mushroom & truffle cream

£19.50Turkey Ballentine Italiano

Rolled Turkey stuffed with sun blush tomato, parmesan, breadcrumbs & Italian sausage meat. Served with pancetta & parmesan potato & a pinot grigio cream

Woodfire Pizza


Simply mozzarella & tomato


Corn, mushroom, peppers, olives, garlic oil, baked egg, pesto & tomato base.


Salami, peppers, goat’s cheese, caramelized, red onion & a drizzle of garlic oil.


Pepperoni & hot green peppers, parmesan-chilli oil on a hot tomato base.

£15.90The Chubby Cherub

Mushroom, pepperoni, salami, parma ham, green peppers, thyme, garlic & chilli oil

£16.90Pollo Carne

Chicken, chorizo, parmesan, chilli oil, pesto, roasted red peppers & rocket


Blue cheese, sundried tomato, parmesan & rocket

£13.90The Maccachubby Pizza

Mac & cheese with garlic & field mushroom

£15.50Capone Calzone

Sweet peppers, parma ham, & jalapeno peppers

Served from 12pm Daily

On this page are our classic Chubby Cherub Pizza & Calzone offerings. Should you wish to have a custom pizza made to order our Margherita pizza can be topped with your toppings of choice and complimentary garlic oil, chilli oil, parmesan or chilli flakes. Our Pizzas may be served on one of 3 of our homemade bases.


£6.90Blueberry Panacotta

With Italian Biscuit


With chocolate shavings

£6.90Lemon & Basil Meringue

With genoise sponge

£6.90Gelato by Gelatorino

Ask your servers for options

£6.90Sorbet by Gelatorino

A choice of Chocolate or Sicilian Lemoncello


Chocolate ganache, cream, walnuts & fruits


Peach & white chocolate parfait with amaretti & toasted nuts

£6.90Italian Bread and Butter Pudding

Made with festive Panettone cake

Dolce Piccolo

Our piccolo desserts are perfectly sized mini desserts, served with a tea or coffee of your choice. Treat yourself by adding a liquer to your coffee for just 3.00 extra!

5.80Lemon Meringue
5.80Cheesecake of the day
5.80Chocolate brownie
5.80Lemon Drizzle Cake
5.80Lemon Eclair


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