Good morning, food lovers! Today, we’re excited to whisk you away on a culinary journey to Italy from your breakfast table at The Chubby Cherub. We open our doors each weekend to offer a vibrant and delectable breakfast menu.

Served Saturday 0900 to 11.30 am & Sunday 0900 to 1430 at our Lisburn Road Restaurant.

A Sip of Mediterranean Sunshine

Kickstart your weekend with our Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, a delightful burst of tangy sunshine in every sip. It’s as vibrant and energising as a Mediterranean morning and sets the perfect tone for the delectable journey ahead.

A Symphony of Breakfast Flavors

Our Granola dish takes you on a delicious sensory journey. Imagine swirling creamy yoghurt, crunchy granola, and luscious seasonal fruit in a harmonious blend that plays a beautiful sonata on your taste buds. It’s a symphony of textures and flavours that will have you humming in delight.


A Dance of Taste with the Banana Pistachio Toast


One bite into our Banana Pistachio Toast, and you’re transported to a rustic Italian kitchen. The sweet banana and crunchy pistachios blend beautifully with the tangy sourdough bread, creating a tarantella dance of flavours on your palate. It’s an experience that’s as fun as it’s flavorful.

A Bowlful of Warmth

Our Porridge dish is the gastronomic equivalent of a comforting hug. Picture wholesome oats lovingly mixed with nuts, fruit, and a drizzle of honey, topped off with a splash of cold milk. It’s an intimate taste of homely love, served warm and comforting.

The Classic Sourdough Toast

Sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our Sourdough Toast is a testament to this. Thick slices of bread slathered with tangy marmalade and salted butter provide a classic and delicious start to your day.

The Fluffy Delight of Parmesan Scrambled Eggs

Our Parmesan Scrambled Eggs are a fluffy delight. Imagine combining soft scrambled eggs with Parmesan, crispy pancetta, and fresh spinach served on a slice of sourdough. It’s a crescendo of flavours that would even make an Italian Nonna proud.

Breakfast Bruschetta: A Love Letter to Italy


Our Breakfast Bruschetta menu is a culinary ode to Italy. Each dish, with its unique blend of ingredients served on a bed of crisp sourdough, is a masterpiece that’ll make your heart sing with delight. The classic Breakfast Bruschetta is a staple, with poached egg, bacon, mushroom, tomato, black pudding, and parmesan. The Morso da Gentiluomo is a creamy bechamel, parma ham, and fontina cheese delight. The Pane di Fuoco adds a spicy twist with crispy bacon, cured baby tomatoes, olive oil, ground pepper, parmesan, and callipo organic spicy chilli pepper jam. The Bruschetta al Funghi Selvatici is a dreamy combination of roasted asparagus and mixed wild mushrooms.

A Seafood Serenade with the Salmone affumicato

For those who love a touch of the sea for breakfast, our Salmone Affumicato is a must-try. The combination of smoky salmon, chive boxty pancake, and creamy ricotta is a delightful symphony of flavours as enchanting as a Venetian sunset.

A Sweet Serenade with the Toast con Miele e Ricotta

To end your Italian breakfast adventure on a sweet note, we recommend the Toast con Miele e Ricotta. The blend of sourdough toast, creamy ricotta cheese, and sweet honey comes together to create a melodious serenade that is the perfect finish to your breakfast journey. It’s a sweet ending that will have you humming, “That’s Amore!” as you savour every bite.

Join Us for an Italian Breakfast Adventure

At The Chubby Cherub, breakfast isn’t just a meal; it’s an immersive experience that takes you on a culinary journey to Italy. We’ve carefully crafted each dish to capture the essence of Italian cuisine, using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create flavours that delight and excite.

So, why not change your breakfast routine and join us this weekend? Please take a seat, soak in the warm ambience, and let us transport you to the sunny shores of Italy with every bite. After all, as the Italians say, la vita è bella, especially when having breakfast at The Chubby Cherub. Buon appetito!