The Chubby Cherub
49A Upper Arthur St, Belfast,

T. 028 9031 2964

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Imagine a dining experience that transports you to the café culture of Rome or Milan, where your senses are enticed and manipulated by; the smell of fresh lemons & basil & the reflections of vine leaves & cherub frescos, while you sample cuisine that makes you covet the genius of your taste buds.

It is boastful to say that The Chubby Cherub is the best Italian Ristorante in the city but this is substantiated time & time again by the responses of our patrons. We have a purpose and vision to provide familiar food with love & genius. We are confident that your experience at The Chubby Cherub will be delightful.

The Chubby Cherub Ristorante was established in 2010. The founders are from a large, close family. They grew up eating wonderful food prepared by their parents who were both great cooks. They learned to love and appreciate food at an early age, and then spent most of their lives working in the service industry, fuelling their passion for the restaurant business while allowing them to hone their innate ability to create fabulous meals.

People like to eat food that is familiar, but which has a spark of genius about it. This is what we do at the Chubby Cherub. The Chubby Cherub is the “little Italian place on corner” that has quickly became Belfast’s hidden jewel. We have developed a menu that showcases the finest and freshest ingredients available, in fact, there are no walk-in coolers or freezers at The Chubby Cherub – produce, seafood, meats and cheeses are delivered fresh daily!

We blend our own ideas on Italian cooking with some things we have learned while working in fine dining rooms. Patrons return often because of the gorgeous food as well as the loveable atmosphere created by the masterful staff.