Italian Restaurants, Belfast

The Chubby Cherub, Ristorantes

Welcome to The Chubby Cherub, your slice of Italy in the heart of Belfast City Centre and now on Lisburn Road Belfast! We knead no introduction as your go-to Italian Restaurant in Belfast, serving up a feast of Italian-inspired delicacies that transport you straight to the heart of Italy.

Our Italian restaurants are a haven of casual glamour and laid-back charm, a reflection of the Italian lifestyle. We serve wholesome cuisine, each dish a testament to authentic Italian recipes. This ensures our menu is bursting with as much flavour and panache as you would expect from a top Italian Restaurant in Belfast. We’re not just spinning dough here, our pizzas are a real pizza work!

At The Chubby Cherub, we strive to bring a slice of Italy to Belfast. Each dish is crafted with passion and dedication, ensuring every bite is a burst of authentic Italian flavours. From our pasta that’s always al dente-licious to our pizzas that will make you exclaim ‘Mamma Mia!’, there’s nothing closer to a taste of Italy in Belfast.

So, if you’re feeling saucy, come and twirl your way to The Chubby Cherub, your Italian Restaurant in Belfast. We’re ready to serve you a meal that’s amore! After all, life is a combination of magic and pasta, and we’re serving both!

City Centre

11 Chichester Street,

Lisburn Road

491-495 Lisburn Road

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Italian Deli, Belfast

The Chubby Cherub Deli

Nestled in our former abode on Upper Arthur Street, The Chubby Cherub Deli is a treasure trove of Italian gourmet and artisanal foods. We’ve uncorked our deli to spread our love for top-notch Italian fare because we believe in sharing the good things in life, especially when they’re delicious!

Our deli serves our original Chubbyzini, a dish so good it’ll make you believe in love at the first bite. We also offer traditional pasta bowls that are pasta-tively amazing, deli sandwiches that are the upper crust of lunch options, and arancini that are simply rice-istible.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Our deli also stocks the finest organic extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegar, pasta, arborio rice, and more. These are ingredients so good you’ll want to take them home. And guess what? You can!

Our website’s deli section features Cook at Home recipes using ingredients available exclusively at The Chubby Cherub Deli. Fancy whipping up our famous tapenade or pesto at home? We’ve got you covered. After all, home is where the heart is, and our heart is in the kitchen.

So, come on down to The Chubby Cherub Deli. We’re ready to serve you a slice of Italy in Belfast. Because life is too short for food, that doesn’t make you say ‘Bellissimo!’



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