Buongiorno, fashion and food enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to share a delightful blend of style and savour that recently graced our beloved Italian restaurant, The Chubby Cherub. The talented Hope Macaulay, a young fashion and textiles designer from Northern Ireland, chose our venue for a photo shoot that was nothing short of a visual banquet.

A Taste of Luxury

Hope Macaulay’s brand is synonymous with contemporary luxury and bespoke fashion. With a passion for sustainability, Hope and her team of local knitters in Northern Ireland handcraft feel-good knitwear pieces that are as warm and comforting as Nonna’s homemade lasagna.

A Perfect Pairing: Fashion and Italian Flair

The Chubby Cherub’s rich Italian ambience served as the perfect backdrop for Hope’s vibrant designs. Like a well-balanced plate of antipasti, the photo shoot was a harmonious blend of colours, textures, and flavours!

Our venue’s rustic charm and freshly baked bread aroma created an atmosphere as inviting as a bowl of steaming spaghetti carbonara. With their intricate patterns and bold hues, Hope’s designs added a sprinkle of Parmesan to the entire experience.

Sustainable Style, Served Al Dente

Hope Macaulay’s sustainability commitment resonates with our dedication to authentic and fresh ingredients. Her knitwear pieces, handmade to order, are a testament to the craftsmanship that’s as finely tuned as our chef’s secret risotto recipe.

A Photoshoot to Relish

The day was filled with laughter, creativity, and a shared love for all things beautiful. From the clinking of espresso cups to the flash of cameras, it was a celebration of art, fashion, and delicious Italian cuisine.

As we say in Italy, “La vita è troppo breve per mangiare cibo noioso” (Life is too short to eat boring food), and we believe the same applies to fashion. Hope Macaulay’s visit to The Chubby Cherub was a delightful reminder that life’s pleasures are best enjoyed with a pinch of style and a dash of Italian zest.

Grazie Mille, Hope!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Hope McAuley for choosing The Chubby Cherub for her photoshoot. It was a day filled with creativity, collaboration, and culinary inspiration.

So, dear readers, next time you’re craving a taste of Italy paired with a side of elegance, join us at The Chubby Cherub. Who knows? You might find the perfect outfit to match your favorite dish!

Arrivederci, and stay fabulous!