The Chubby Cherub on Lisburn Road is bringing a slice of Italian allure to the festive season with the Red Christmas Envelope giveaway! Amidst the aroma of fresh basil and the warmth of Italian hospitality, lies a mystery enveloped in red, ready to unravel a world of prizes over £50,000.

Here’s the fun part: Dine with us, and we’ll present you with a Red Christmas Envelope. Keep the envelope sealed and bring it back in January for a grand reveal by our team. The prizes are a foodie’s dream come true – free pizza for an entire year, a £100 gift card, a delectable starter, a hearty main course, a sweet dessert, or a two-course meal for two. And for the tech aficionados, the modern marvel, an iPhone 15, could be yours!

The rule is simple: no peeking! Our Chubby Cherub team must open the envelope during your visit to keep the prize valid. The prize card inside the envelope will reveal your award. Some restrictions apply, and this fantastico offer lasts until 31st January 2024. Reserve your table now, and embark on a culinary adventure peppered with surprises at every turn!

Small Print. You cannot use these in conjunction with any other offer. A team member must open the Envelopes at the restaurant in January 2024. Any pre-opened envelopes are null and void. Offer Valid Sunday to Friday only (Excludes Saturdays)